Monday, 2 March 2015

Victoria Beckham Nails Inc Collaboration

Hi everyone! I know its been a while since my last post! I have missed blogging but studying has taken over for the last 2 months.. But back to todays post... I was lucky enough to be sent these polishes from Nails Inc and today I will be reviewing the Victoria Beckham Limited Edition Nails Inc Collaboration Set which contains polishes customised by VB herself...

The set contains two polishes: 
1. Bamboo White - A beautiful creamy white with a hint of pink
2. Judo Red - A gorgeous red with orange tones 

First lets start with the packaging.. so as you can see from the image below.. the set comes beautifully gift wrapped in a luxury white box with a gift bag to go with it.. this is something I would expect especially because of the £45 price tag. The design has definitely been well thought out... and i think it would be the perfect luxury gift for any polish lover..

 The bottles have also been designed beautifully, they feel heavy to hold, feel smooth and are finished with a matte look.. they look expensive as they should. The sides give you a sneak peek of the polish colour inside which I think is a unique touch to the whole design. I think they would look beautiful in any polish collectors nail cabinet or display, they really do make a statement.
 Now lets talk about the polish itself..

Nails Inc claims:
1. The Polish is created with stretch to fit technology, these polishes will glide onto the nail for a flawless finish.
2. Formulated with bamboo extract to help build healthy nails and ensure a perfectly smooth application.
I really do agree with the first statement. The polishes are smooth to apply, I used two coats in both swatches and they give a flawless glossy finish once dry which is essential for me with any high end polish. They dry quickly between layers which is also a bonus and the brush design is also perfect as it allows the polish to spread evenly across the nail with minimal mess. As for the second statement.. I can not comment on the longevity of the polishes yet as I have not worn them over a long period of time but I did Judo Red on for 2 days and I can honestly say there was minimal wear at the tips of the nails which is a plus. Below you can see swatches of both shades taken in natural sunlight..
Swatch: Bamboo White
 Swatch: Judo Red

Final thoughts
Overall I think both shades designed by VB are beautiful and quite different to any other polishes I have tried from nails inc. The formula is perfect, the brush is well designed and the finish is also lovely. 
The polishes retail for £25 each or £45 for the set so I do think they are slightly over priced however if you are a polish addict like me and are looking to treat yourself or someone else as a gift I think they are worth it, particularly because they come in gorgeous packaging and of course they are limited edition so that is a bonus. 
I am grateful I was able to try these polishes... I will definitely be making use of them more this summer. Thank you Nails Inc.. 


Monday, 19 January 2015

Brussels Trip January 2015

Hi everyone! In todays post I will be talking about my recent get away to Brussels in Belgium.. My best friend and I booked this around last September and had been looking forward to the new year and this winter trip to Europe. I will be sharing some photos and my experiences of the beautiful city so keep reading if you are interested in finding out what we got up to, ate there and saw during our 3 day trip. 

NOTE: A huge thanks to my bestie Rosh who was my photographer and did and AMAZING job at it too!
Compulsory passport shot! The suspense was killing us, but finally after boarding we arrived in Brussels 2.5 hours later.
First we visited Parc Du Cinquantenaire, a large public parc which was about 10 minutes walk from the hotel we stayed at. It was a beautiful walk and the scenery was amazing. The park also had a pretty water fountain which would look even better in the summer I think. 
Every few shops was a chocolate shop and a bonus was most also had MACARONS which are one of my favourites! nothing beats french macarons! Mmmm...
On our first evening we set off and went to see the famous Grand Place, a beautiful arrangement of buildings which is on the World Heritage List. The square was beautifully lit up and the buildings looked stunning amongst the green lighting all around. It was busy will many tourists taking pictures of the amazing views.. and here me and rosh spent a good half an hour taking lots of pictures and SELFIES! 

One of many 100's of selfies we took that night <3
Mmmm... PIZZA! That night we stopped over at a family run italian restaurant around 5 minutes walk from Grand Place. It was cosy and the food was delicious! of course we had to keep room for dessert!

Our sweet waiter kindly offered to take a picture.. CHEESE!!! 

We swore on this trip we would have a waffle EVERY DAY! So we did :D.. This was my fresh cream, strawberry and nutella waffle.. It tasted amazing!
Day two we visited Grand Place again so see the beautiful architecture during the daytime... of course I had to take a nail selfie amongst the details of the buildings. 
Me admiring the beauty... 
Outfit of the day shot... Coat: ASOS, Bag: Mulberry 
We made a trip to the stunning Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula which was a train ride away from Grand Place... We were lucky enough to be allowed inside to appeciate the amazing building which was built in the 9th century and as you can see the interior was just as beautiful as the outside. The atmosphere was peaceful.. I would definitely recommend this as a site to see. 
We also made a trip to see the Royal Palace which is the centre of the capital Brussels. 
On our second day we went for dinner at an amazing Mexican diner! Heres a shot of some of the best cocktails we have ever tried! Strawberries all round! 
Daytime shot of Grand Place, the architecture was stunning! 

Of course a trip to Belgium is never complete without waffles! We were totally spoilt for choice! and whats more they had crepes too!! mmmm.... 
Our last day... we took a train ride to the iconic Atomium which was about 45 minutes from our hotel! The weather was clear and sunny and it was a perfect end to the trip! This was a real site to see! 

Overall, Belgium was lovely city to see and within a few days we done so many fun things, ate some really good food and saw a whole load of beautiful sites around the city! It was the perfect end to the christmas break from university and just what I needed before the new term started... time to look forward to the summer holidays now...
 Let me know what you thought have you been here before??